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GDS Group hosts experts to help experts. GDS Summits help CxOs thrive: to confidently lead their companies through digital transformation. Enlightening, educating and equipping executives to solve today’s business challenges with tomorrow’s knowledge and solutions.

As an international events company, we work with senior executives to gather information on their most pressing projects, a process we call, "Project Intelligence"​. We use this intelligence to arrange meetings between the executive and a technology provider with proven success in the challenge area.

Finally, we share published insight with our executive community, providing a roadmap to overcome today's major challenges. CIOs, CMOs, CxOs from every industry attend GDS Group events to take their companies and their careers further.

Closing Enterprise Deals in a COVID-19 World


With the usual sales techniques no longer an option, what can be done to keep businesses afloat amidst this global pandemic?

How to Create Deep Connections with the C-Suite in the Digital World

How to Create Deep Connections with the C-Suite in the Digital World

As face-to-face meetings diminish, and we take a digitized approach to sales and marketing, many businesses are realizing the benefits. But with new virtual event technology, businesses can find superior ways of forming buyer relationships, while building their brand reputation in the online space.

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This guide looks at how to:

  • Engage with the new digital buyer
  • Understand different C-suite decision-makers
  • Change the dynamic with virtual events

Virtual events are more likely to generate enterprise B2B deals quickly than other types of lead generation.

How Virtual Events Can Deliver Explosive ROI


Accelerating B2B Results

Extend the shelf-life of your content and repurpose it into new formats in order to accelerate your B2B results with better leads and higher conversion rates.


How to Gather (and Use) Detailed Sales Intelligence

If B2B sales and marketing teams come together around all the content marketing material you’ve got available, you can put together thought leadership and demand generation programs that will nurture high quality leads and arm your sales team with valuable sales intelligence.


In this current environment with coronavirus-related disruption, marketing and sales alignment is more important than ever.

How to Align Sales and Marketing