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Intent-Based Networking for Data Center Networks

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Juniper Networks is leading the revolution in networking, making it one of the most exciting technology companies in Silicon Valley today. Since being founded by Pradeep Sindhu, Dennis Ferguson, and Bjorn Liencres nearly 20 years ago, Juniper’s sole mission has been to create innovative products and solutions that meet the growing demands of the connected world.

At Juniper Networks, we believe the network is the single greatest vehicle for knowledge, understanding, and human advancement that the world has ever known. Now more than ever, the world needs network innovation to connect ideas and unleash our full potential. Juniper is taking a new approach to the network — one that is intelligent, agile, secure and open to any vendor and any network environment.

Intent-Based Networking

Intent-based networking is a key element to the success of digital transformation. However, too many organizations lack the resources to understand how to implement.


"There are two letters that describe a technology that has brought about immense polarization - AI."

- Sharon Mandell


SD-WAN is a powerful platform for transformation, but it also introduces tremendous complexity.

AI-Driven SD-WAN Will Optimize User Experiences Across a Distributed Enterprise

Intent-Based Networking for Dummies

Intent-Based Networking for Dummies

Intent-based networking (IBN) has become a hot buzzword in the networking industry, with marketing departments at all sorts of vendors waving the “intent flag.” Some have legitimate products, some have cobbled together bits and pieces out of their product portfolios and called it an IBN solution, and some supposed IBN products perform only a part of what a real IBN system (IBNS) does.

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This book looks at:

  • What intent means in the context of network operations and
  • How an IBNS applies that intent to a network across its entire life cycle
  • What features and characteristics an IBNS requires to fulfill its mission
  • Practical examples and testing of IBN before circling back to the benefits