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Futureproofing Enterprise Architecture with MACH

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Although technology is crucial in everything we do, we are a people company. We share our knowledge and learnings, we dare to speak up and take risk. We care about one another, our clients and the world.

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Bringing MACH to Your Business for Max Impact


Dive into what MACH is, the reasons commerce platforms are switching, and the questions you need to consider when thinking of switching to MACH technologies.


What is MACH?

Companies have to rethink their organizations to be more agile, reactive and innovative, they also need to rethink their digital platforms to be more responsive, frictionless and able to project content to any touchpoint. A MACH architecture can help to future-proof your business by making you ready to shift in response to changing end-user expectations. Success in both the short- and long-term requires a new generation of solutions that have, at their core, an adaptability to evolve fast to perfectly answer the next set of end-user demands. This used to mean brands needed to anticipate those demands and be ready to meet them, but as the world continues to change at such a fast pace, anticipating the demands is less necessary than being ready to pivot immediately when they do arrive. MACH is the solution to that issue.

Break the Replatform Cycle with MACH Enterprise Architecture

Break the Replatform Cycle with MACH Enterprise Architecture

For this ebook, we spoke to digital leaders and solution implementation professionals who have found success with a MACH enterprise architecture: leading agencies EPAM and Valtech and enterprises such as historic publication The Spectator. They shared lessons learned about how to align company culture, evaluate solutions, and gain momentum with early wins.

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If you are exploring modern options for your enterprise architecture, download the ebook to learn about:

  • The rise of MACH technologies and the composable enterprise
  • How to determine if a MACH architecture is the right move for your team
  • Key evaluation criteria of MACH solutions
  • Advice from enterprise Directors of Digital who have found success with MACH

MACH is a new way of thinking about building your brand’s digital landscape and unifying your end-users’ experience.

Enabling Your Business Transformation with MACH


Introducing the MACH Alliance

The Alliance's mission is to future proof enterprise technology and to propel current and future digital experiences with open and connected enterprise tech.


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