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What is ERP?


If you’re a business owner, manager or director in a mid-sized or growing business and you’re confused about ERP, this guide will help you.

Infor Expand Your Business with a Two-Tier ERP Strategy

Expand Your Business with a Two-Tier ERP Strategy

As companies expand into new multinational locations, markets, and business models, this one-size-fits-all approach becomes increasingly cumbersome to implement. And for discrete manufacturers especially, the ERP needs of the corporate office are very different than those of operations. A two-tier ERP strategy gives manufacturers the flexibility they need to quickly respond to changes across their business and affordably meet the specific needs of each location.

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This guide will discuss how having a two-tier ERP strategy could help expand your organization. Highlights include:

  • Exploring the two-tier ERP strategy
  • 4 key benefits this could provide
  • How it could positively impact your bottom line

4 Challenges of ERP Implementation

And How to Ultimately Win