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Five Keys to Unlock Continuous Innovation

Recent studies show that when disruption hits, companies that invest in innovation outperform the market by up to 30%. This is why executives’ number one priority is innovation, above all else.


“In the 2020s, it seems the only constant is an intensified pace of disruption.” - Deloitte

Staying competitive in the manufacturing industry


Manufacturing's Next Major Transformation

Understanding how you can apply new technologies to build smart, connected factories can help you get ahead of the curve and start driving change instead of simply reacting to it.


Embracing Industry 4.0 – A Customer Case Study

Find out how to drive efficiencies and resiliency in manufacturing

Cloud ERP Drives Business Model Transformation for the High-Tech Sector

Cloud ERP Drives Business Model Transformation for the High-Tech Sector

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a pillar of any organization’s business operations, and high-tech companies looking to drive innovation and heighten their agility are fast transitioning ERP to the cloud. Cloud ERP solutions empower high-tech companies to identify opportunities, launch new business models and accelerate product innovation.

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"Today’s many changes—and the many more that undoubtedly will come—can no longer be fully satisfied using legacy, on-premises enterprise resource planning (ERP) and enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions."

Manufacturers and high-tech companies can rebuild, compete, and grow with cloud-based technology.

By establishing an enterprisewide finance and accounting platform, finance executives can identify the best merger and acquisition (M&A) targets, onboard acquisitions faster, and divest businesses efficiently.


"Organizations need to be agile and coordinated in their approach to security, risk, and compliance."

How do you build a risk intelligent culture?


Moving beyond crisis response

2021 is a year for optimism, innovation and digitization. According to research by the MIT Technology Review, most tech-centric organizations are gearing up for a revitalized year. Will you be joining them?