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Marketing Personalization: Let the Data Do the Work


You can execute some really effective email marketing campaigns if you’re collecting – and using – the right customer data.

e-Spirit 7 Common Personalization Challenges and How to Overcome Them

7 Common Personalization Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Marketers are using personalization to build brand, increase demand, and improve customer acquisition, turning customers into lifelong fans. According to McKinsey, brands that get real-time personalization right can deliver five to eight times the ROI of its marketing spend and lift sales by 10% or more. Explore ways you can turn common personalization problems into opportunities.

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This report covers 7 personalization challenges, including:

  • Lacking A Single Source of Customer Truth
  • Personalizing Content Across Channels and Touchpoints
  • Too Many Content Permeations to Keep Pace
  • Translation Cost, Volume and Accuracy

Data Drives the Digital Experience

While brands collect so much customer data in digital interactions, their primary challenge to creating effective digital experiences comes down to their ability to work with data ― it comes down to their data journey.


New research uncovers how today's most successful CMOs partner with CEOs and Boards.

Marketing’s Role in the Boardroom


Marketing metrics and analytics can be a strategic enabler of trust, greater budget and increased business impact.

The Definitive Guide to Metrics and Analytics

searchmetrics A Scientific Approach to the Creation of High-Performing Content SEO

SEO Linguistics: A Scientific Approach to the Creation of High-Performing Content SEO

As search algorithms improve their capacity to interpret language, they improve the results that they can show users. Having machines that can understand natural language paves the way for the next dimension of content optimisation. This pushes us deeper into the field of linguistics and how the communication between humans and machines can be improved. This whitepaper explores the similarities and differences between how humans and machines understand text.

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  • Why a fundamental understanding of linguistics is essential for content marketers
  • How content should be created in order to appeal to users and remain relevant for search engines.

Your 18 Step Checklist for On-Page SEO

Are you looking to conduct a full SEO audit on your site? Download this checklist to get started.