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Alteryx unleashes the power of data analytics to help people everywhere solve business and societal problems. Because we believe #TogetherWeSolve. As a global leader in analytic process automation (APA), Alteryx unifies analytics, data science and business process automation in one, end-to-end platform to accelerate digital transformation. Organizations of all sizes, all over the world, rely on the Alteryx Analytic Process Automation Platform to deliver high-impact business outcomes and the rapid upskilling of their modern workforce.

Augmented Analytics Draws Analytics, BI, and Data Science Together


Organizations that harness the opportunities created by this collision of markets will see major competitive breakthroughs, but that’s only if they take the right steps now.


70% of an analyst’s time is spent searching for data; 44% of data workers’ time results in unsuccessful attempts.

IDC, State of Data Science and Analytics


Discovering the modern analytics journey

How data science and analytics drive transformation across your organization


Mastering Data Analytics for Spreadsheets Users

Working within workbooks causes job fatigue and career dissatisfaction. Spreadsheets have their limits, and they’re probably testing yours.

The Convergence of Analytics, Data Science and Process Automation

Analytic Process Automation: The Convergence of Analytics, Data Science and Process Automation

A recent McKinsey survey found 8 out of 10 respondents said their organizations have embarked on a digital transformation journey in the last five years. However, only one third of these initiatives succeeded. There was a common theme amongst those that failed; these organizations embarked on their digital transformation journey with a tendency towards looking inward when evaluating their people, processes, data, and technologies. Those that succeeded looked outside.

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The proliferation of augmented capabilities within analytics, business intelligence, and data science and machine learning products is making once distinct markets collide.

The collision facilitates stronger, more complete and more effective links between data and analytic investments, practices, processes and key business outcomes.

- Gartner

Transform Your Business with APA

You’ve already read about how Analytic Process Automation can transform your business from the ground up. Now see it in action.