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Report Ellis Whittam A Right to disconnect? - Finding the Formula to Work-Life Balance in 2021

A Right to disconnect? - Finding the Formula to Work-Life Balance in 2021

Coronavirus has fundamentally changed the working world as we know it, but the effect on work-life balance is arguably the most significant of all.

The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly changed the working world and with the rise of remote-working, we have seen employees all over the world struggle to separate their work-life balance. With remote technology and the flux of a working-from-home lifestyle, employees increasingly face an inability to disconnect from work. Threats to employee satisfaction and performance mean that it is essential for your business to correctly create a set of standards for work-life balance, to ensure the wellbeing of your employees is improved and maintained. Download this guide and learn how to maintain your employee experience in the post-pandemic environment.

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  • A survey conducted by The Mental Health Foundation discovered that a third of employees are unhappy about how much time they devote to work, and that over 40% are neglecting other aspects of their life as a result.