Report Moorepay An Employer's Guide to PPE

An Employer's Guide to PPE

In April 2018, the regulation on the provision of personal protective equipment became more complex for employers. Do you fully understand your obligations when providing employees with PPE? 

Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes any equipment or clothing intended to be held or worn by people at work to offer protection against identified risks. PPE should be used only as a "last resort" control measure, where the risks cannot be controlled by other means.

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In this mini guide, you'll learn:

  • The legislation governing Personal Protective Equipment
  • What clothing and equipment PPE regulations do – and do not – apply to
  • The main hazards PPE are designed to protect employees from
  • The control measures employers should take
  • How to select and provide PPE to your employees
  • Your duties around PPE as an employer

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