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Webinar Anaplan Advance Scenario Planning as a Strategic Advantage

Advance Scenario Planning as a Strategic Advantage

Transformational Finance Leader Series

Learn how to become a transformational finance leader by using the power of scenario planning. In this new webinar, you'll find inspiration from industry thought leaders whose visionary organizations have leveraged scenario planning in reimagined ways. From generating new scenarios based on history to managing multiple scenarios with flexible time periods, insightful analysis of various possibilities and different business realities can give you a powerful strategic advantage.

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In this master class, learn how transformational finance leaders have adopted a reimagined approach to planning by using proactive scenarios to boost agility, resilience, and future-readiness. Our planning experts from Deloitte will show you how to use scenario planning to:

  • Drive change in life sciences, banking and insurance, and consumer packaged goods.
  • Understand the importance and impact of tailoring scenarios to specific contexts and challenges.
  • Define and monitor early indicators, and perform rapid reforecasting as needed.