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Report finastra Roadmap to the new relationship model

The new Lending On-Demand relationship model

How will you transition?

With corporate priorities changing, relationship models are being reimaged, with banks moving their focus from operating as traditional relationship builders to being digitally powered platform players.  Businesses need lending partners who help through the entirety of the lending process and meet their requirements of both speed and responsibility. Finastra asked corporate banks around the world to rate their corporate clients’ top priorities across lending today, and then in 2025. Our data reveals that demand for value-add services will become the number one priority for clients by 2025. 

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  • This report is based on the findings of more than 700 direct interviews with senior management personnel, conducted over a five-week period in late 2020, with the sample size split evenly among the trade finance, lending, and cash management functions within corporate banks.