The State of IT: Insights for 2019 [Infographic]

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The technological landscape is constantly changing, with new trends emerging every month. This presents a wide variety of challenges and opportunities for professionals in the IT field.


Technology is instrumental in the delivery and understanding of data, enhancing of security and so forth. It gives businesses the platform to transform their products, services and leverage the skills of the workforce in a whole new way.

But IT departments work non-stop and constantly receive queries and stakeholder demands, so multitasking from one issue to another, while attempting to pay close attention to new trends, can often be a challenge. The lack of resources and strain on this department could lead to lower productivity levels, high turnover and be detrimental to the infrastructure of the business. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the biggest challenges IT faces.

Additionally, it’s important to know and understand what the current IT trends are in order to plan ahead and create strategies for implementation. Understanding the current state of IT and how other companies are handling similar issues can be crucial in showing stakeholders what needs to be addressed for IT to cope with the high demands and future growth.

Similarly, knowing which trends are most applicable to their business will enable IT to focus their efforts and resources on prioritized areas that impact the day-to-day operations. Not only will the business save time and money, IT professionals will achieve more and feel less stretched.

Here’s our latest infographic that compiles the key statistics from the report, and provides an insight into the different functions of IT.

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