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Improve Team Performance: Leadership Skills Training in The Workplace


The digital revolution is having a profound impact on the nature of job roles, requiring employees to be increasingly flexible and willing to learn.


Bridging Skills Gaps from the Inside Out

87% see skills gaps becoming as significant, if not more significant in the future


8 Reasons Why Employees Quit

Employees leave for a whole host of reasons but some you can control, reducing your recruitment costs and ensuring you keep the very best of your talent.

360learning  4 Steps to Transform into a Learning Organisation

4 Steps to Transform into a Learning Organisation

In today’s changing environment, survival can come down to an organisation’s ability to adapt quicker than the competition. In the Learning Organization, all employees enrich each other by training one other in their respective expertises, learning as a team. But how can we ensure that the speed of internal learning equals - or even exceeds – the speed of change we are facing?

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  • Why it’s beneficial to become a learning organisation
  • The role of the L&D team in transformation
  • How to drive employee engagement in learning 
  • 4 key steps to becoming a learning organisation
Reward Gateway A Step-by-Step Template to Build Your Ideal Recognition Programme

A Step-by-Step Template to Build Your Ideal Recognition Programme

The likelihood is, it does. According to recent research, regular praise and recognition from management can lead to improved job performance and employee engagement.

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82% of those surveyed say that praise and recognition helped them improve their job performance.

Active disengagement costs an estimated $450 billion to $550 billion per year.



By 2030, up to 375 million workers will need to switch occupational categories due to automation.