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Stop Hackers Listening in on Your Conversations


Digital hackers might not care about your company's everyday business chat or plans, but electronic eavesdroppers just love any snippet that can be used to steal credit card or log-in information.

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FireEye Stronger Endpoint Security: Four Trends to Consider when Improving your Defenses

Stronger Endpoint Security: Four Trends to Consider when Improving your Defenses

Security teams in many organizations put most of their attention and resources in to network security, however this approach often neglects the most vulnerable systems to any attack – endpoints.

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Good end point security is key to business success, and this whitepaper explores four trends to consider when improving your defenses.

Buyer's Guide to Endpoint Protection

With hundreds of options on the market and features that sound identical, choosing an endpoint protection solution is anything but straightforward.


26% of security incidents can be traced back to unsecured connected devices.

How to Use Big Data for Better Threat Visibility


Ransomware is now bigger than ever

Learn how to protect your business

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Carbon Black Advance Your Ransomware Defenses

Advance Your Ransomware Defenses: An Enterprise Guide to Hardening Your Endpoints Against Future Ransomware Attacks

Cyber criminals are quick learners and eager to make fast money. Whether extorting $300 per user from a small business, or $30 million from a multinational enterprise, the level of effort is often similar. While ransomware isn’t going away any time soon (if ever), you CAN defend your organization - if you’re properly prepared.

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In this ebook, you'll find the answers to:
  • What is ransomware?
  • How does ransomware work?
  • What can I do to better prepare my organization?
You'll also find a case study on recent varient "Locky".

Cyberattacks are evolving, and so should you.

What cybersecurity trends should we look out for in 2021 and beyond?

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