Increase Your CTR with Google Advanced Snippets

Increase Your CTR with Google Advanced Snippets [Infographic]

Optimizing your advanced snippets can be a great way to get ahead of the competition, boost your CTR and establish yourself as a brand leader.

Before taking you through the chain of increasing CTR of the website with advanced snippets, let's go through some basics.

Advanced page snippets contain images, videos, or other types of information and display this in Google's search results.

Snippets help the user to get a rough idea of the contents of the found page without visiting it.

In addition, there are several advantages of advanced snippets:

  • Users will see more information about your site.
  • You will be more likely to grab their attention.
  • Advanced Google snippets improve behavioral factors.
  • Snippets increase the level of trust to the site when displaying ratings in search results.

And even if your web resource doesn`t take the first position at the TOP, you will still be able to benefit from your content being featured in such a way.

This infographic will teach you exactly how advanced snippets can attract attention to your brand, gather more people at your event or help you to sell a lawn mower.

Author: Daria Chaplygina is a content marketer for SearchEva – young people who offer an innovative approach to internet promotion for those willing to have a long lasting SaaS business.

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