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1. Introduction

Insights for Professionals provide free access to the latest thought leadership from global brands and industry experts.

We create, gather and deliver the latest valuable knowledge for senior professionals across the globe. We aim to help you gain useful insight, stay up to date, and be inspired by the leaders in your field.

This covers all areas of business, including Marketing, HR, IT, Sales, Finance, General Management and Leadership.

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2. Contributing to IFP

We’re always on the lookout for insightful thought leadership. This means we’ll happily showcase relevant blogs and articles contributed by our community members.

The best posts are featured in our email newsletters, which are sent to hundreds of thousands of senior professionals each week.

If you’ve got an article you’d like us to feature, regarding HR, IT, Marketing, or any other business subject, we’d love to hear from you.


We ask that content be well researched and sources referenced (as links if you prefer) to ensure quality. We ask that all content submitted be an original article (i.e. written by you), and hasn’t been published elsewhere (LinkedIn, Medium etc.).

Also, please don’t explicitly pitch your product or service, we’re here to share useful thought leadership insights with our communities.

How to contribute blogs or articles:

Please send your ideas, questions, and contributions to contribute@insightsforprofessionals.com and our editorial team will come back to you asap for further info.

You can include the full article as a word document or pdf, or present ideas and we will work with you to confirm titles that will resonate with the community.

Please include:

  1. Your contact information, and bio if available
  2. Blog title
  3. Synopsis or description of piece
  4. A link to your company website

Upon contribution, our team will review each piece and come back with relevant feedback, then confirm a publication date of the post. Like most publications, we reserve the right to edit submissions for spelling, grammar, length, style and tone – but we keep tweaks to a minimum.

We look forward to publishing your thought leadership content for the community.

How to get your white papers featured on the site:

We have different packages for promoting your chunkier content marketing assets – including guides, white papers, eBooks, reports and webinars. Contact us for more information at sales@insightsforprofessionals.com

3. Editorial Team
Ross Howard

Ross Howard


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Danielle Schuster


4. Legal bits and pieces

Insights for Professionals is a free service for our community members. You can find out more about our privacy policy, and terms of use here:

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